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We, at Lyrae, aspire to weave the magic of art into your lifestyle décor, bringing the finest budding artists to the doorstep of your personal real estate.

Gone are the days when art was restricted to the confines of the brick and mortar galleries! Come, embrace the alternative, in the comfort of your home.

Lyrae recreates the gallery experience, an artistic rendezvous, in the comfort of your home through our 3D and VR enabled walkthroughs. Take delight in the strokes deftly painted into a splash of color or the sombre hues of black and white and bask in the emotions and stories woven into the artworks. Feel the art and Live it!

Discover the unbridled talent illustrated by aspiring artists, exhibiting their work on Lyrae. Come along on their journey as they imprint their surreal visions and concepts on canvas.

Buy only if you're sold!

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