I had always been an artist, as far as I can remember. Seems like I had always been doing art. But real art began when I moved to Hong Kong in 1999. I was mesmerized by the Chinese ink painting works and decided to devote my free time into learning Chinese painting. So, Joined the Hong Kong Art Centre to learn the free hand style or the xie yi style of ink painting under Mr. Foo Sai Heng and continued learning till I left Hongkong in 2011, when I was diagnosed with colon cancer. That was year 2011. To stay positive, I joined art sessions at DCA in 2011 and completed the one-year diploma course. It really helped me heal.

Once I was up and about, besides taking art as a profession, I decided to promote art as a therapeutic device to fight the stress of daily life. So, in march 2017, I started volunteering as art therapist for cancer patients at different Max hospitals in Delhi and was very soon promoted to Art Co-Ordinator(voluntary) at Max hospital.

I strongly believe once you start creating something, your cells start responding in the same way, and you mind and body starts healing

I paint mostly with ink and acrylic paint in a spontaneous way. Most of the works I create are landscapes, as I love to travel and observe different arts and architecture from around the globe and translate those onto my canvases. My work has mostly been inspired by my travels and is a translation of the energy of my environment onto canvas. I always start with a realistic landscape, gradually moving towards abstract. I keep studying a city for months and keep creating the same city again and again, till I am happy and satisfied to move on to the next city.

In last few years, I have studied Benares, where I found the oranges and reds very very fascinating. Then moved on to Jodhpur, where I was completely mesmerized by the monotones of the blue city. And finally moved to my latest Europe, with the bright yellow and blues! I suppose, the colors also reflect on my mood and my state of mind for that period of time. It is so much easier to understand yourself once you know how to express yourself.

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